Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chelsea Galleries

Chelsea Galleries Reaction

     On October 2,2013 my class & I visited the Chelsea Galleries. There was so many galleries to chose from. After visiting a few galleries as well as seeing and exploring The High Line, I have noticed some art works that stayed in my mind in a good way as well as some in a bad way. The gallery that contained art work that I liked was the Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery located on 501 West 23rd Street. The gallery that had art work that didn't catch my eye was the Freight + Volume Gallery located 530 West 24th Street.

Carole Feuerman
"Shower Print with Pink (Frontal View)
     I do like this piece of art work for several reasons. For one I like glitter which in person, this artwork contains. Another reason is the color (pink) which is another thing I like. The silkscreen on canvas with diamond dust is 45 x 39" which I also think is a perfect size. Not to big and not to small. This would be a good investment because it is something that will stay in style. People will always adore woman and their beauty. I would display this artwork because I like all aspects of it. I think work that you like should be displayed and not just kept in storage. A storage room is meant for things that you don't like anymore or are not planning to use anymore not for keeping good art work there.

Jeff Koons
Another art work that I like is the puppy. I always wanted to be a vet so any animal will always catch my eye. The "Puppy" is a porcelain measuring 18 x 13 x 17 1/4". I would gladly display the art work in my house, the size isn't too big and it would show my guests a little something about me. I also think that this would make a good investment. As years pass people will still love animals also many people are interested in porcelain objects.

Peter Allen Hoffmann
"Outer Space"

This piece of art work on the left doesn't catch my eye because it is too plain for me. Yes it is colorful and does contain "happy" colors but it doesn't speak out to me. It just has plain stripes of pink, red, orange, yellow, green and blue going from left to right three times. This wouldn't be a good investment because the work can be copied by any person. Of course if wouldn't be the exact thing but it is somewhat an easy aspect.

Daniel Ranalli
"Big Bang-Yin Yang"
Another piece of art that I don't like is the one shown on the right. I don't like it because it just looks like a messy blackboard background with two other boards in front with chalk writing on them which is also unclear. I don't think this would make a good investment. Personally I think a better idea would be to invest in a chalkboard and then doodle on it as you please.

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