Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good Art vs. Bad Art


The picture on the side, I consider "good art." This piece of art makes me want to me in the picture. "Good art" should speak out to you, it should make you wonder about it, of course in a positive way. It doesn't always have to be realistic. Even if the picture was abstract, it could still speak out to you and make you want to be there. Not only pictures of places are "good art," perhaps a piece of art that has a ballerina, or a ballroom dance couple can speak out to you as well. Seeing pictures of ballroom dancing, just makes me want to dance. That is what I consider "good art." Something that makes you want to be there, to do something, to smile and/or think about it after you have stopped looking at the photograph or the piece of art.  


This picture on the left side is considered "bad art" in my opinion. Why? Well, there is several reasons. For one, this is supposed to be a religious picture that symbolizes The Last Supper.  In my opinion, something religious shouldn't be made fun of as this picture is doing. For instance having a clowns face in the same picture as Jesus, doesn't appeal to me either. As a Catholic, I think religious views should be respected. The same way sexuality, nationality, political views and so on should be treated with respect. Honestly, I have never considered any art "bad", I always thought that art "good" to at least one person in this world, so it shouldn't be put down in a bad way. That was until I saw that a picture could offend someone, and I don't think art should make someone feel bad for what they believe in or stand for.