Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LES Galleries Reaction

   The Lower East Side galleries were different yet similar to the Chelsea galleries. The location for one, was a huge difference. The Chelsea galleries was in a more modern location with the High Line right besides it. The Lower East Side was around Canal Street which was occupied by many people, but towards the galleries the number of people decreased so visiting the galleries was a pleasant experience. The Lower East Side galleries artists' are less known than the artists' in the Chelsea galleries, therefore the artwork tends to be less expensive.
   At first, I thought the galleries on the Lower East Side were dirtier, but that was because the first ones we started to view were under construction. As we walked along the galleries showed a better quality of themselves. Three galleries that I actually did capture my attention were the (1) Boss Contemporary, (2) McKenzie Fine Arts Inc, & (3) Dean Dempsey.
    From all the galleries we have visited, these three are my favorite. The first one contained flowers that had the shape of cameras, the second one had these amazing paintings of, you can say backgrounds, which in a way looked out of this world and pretty mysterious. The third one had some art work that was digital and changed their photographs and didn't just contain one photo.
   Personally, I think the Lower East Side galleries contained more variety in the art work. Every gallery seemed to introduce something new and totally opposite from what you just saw in a previous gallery. Other thing that differed is that the Lower East Side galleries didn't have any titles of the art work or the author or the medium hanging beside the piece of work. All the art work was in a book with all the information needed included with the price. The Chelsea galleries also contained these books but they were also titles and authors next to the art work.
   Yet, the thing that connects these two galleries is that the walls of the galleries were both white. The art work was also hanging, for the most part in both galleries. Both of the galleries have their unique ways of showing their art work and displaying their qualities.