Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Art:21 Reaction

 Elizabeth Murray's theme was humor. The work Elizabeth does relates to humor for several reasons, for one her work looks cartoonish so that can be considered humor. The abstract work she concentrates on has many intense colors, shapes, forms and textures which also humor her audience. A better word that would better describe the artist's work is cartoon, colorful, mysterious, or wacky/silly as she described her work as. Also she was told by others that the work she does looks wacky and silly. Humor is supposed to be something that amuses people, I think Elizabeth’s art work catches your attention. There was a painting in the video which she discusses with her daughters, because she thinks they will be truly honest unlike other people who may not want to say the “harsh truth.” Besides that, the painting was really abstract but once they started to discuss it, you notice that it is really a house, and there is smoke coming out and what amazed me the most was that the roof of the house was a green triangle with white lines inside of it. The triangle wasn’t also just placed right on top of the purple “house” it looked like it was floating on top of the top left corner. There was many other details in that piece of work but those were the parts that amused me the most. This is what makes Elizabeth’s art work humorous. The word humor is a good theme word for Elizabeth but I don’t think its the perfect word for her. Her work to me, represents more of cartoon letters, some graffiti and just a general theme of cartoon things. These are some other works by Elizabeth Murray: